The Moorings

Moorings beach access, a beautiful executive Golf course, and close proximity to Olde Naples.

Welcome to The Moorings

The Moorings, nestled between Old Naples and Park Shore, is known for its accessibility to the Gulf and the beach. It has a mature and quiet setting, which makes it perfect for families and retirees alike. Being in the prime location with the best attractions nearby, The Moorings is one of the most prestigious communities in Naples.

The history of The Moorings is more than a chronicle of a development. It begins with Milton Link, a man devoted to his career as a landscaping artist. He found the beauty resulting from landscaping very rewarding. In 1957, the Moorings was purchased by a development company under the leadership of Milton Link, who was given the task of planning and developing the 300 acres of raw land north of Coquina Sands using best of his instincts and knowledge.

From the very beginning it was obvious that Link had good instincts, good taste, and high standards. He was a man with a vision. He was one of the few developers who actually lived in the development in which he was involved. He treated The Moorings as his home, and as a result this magnificent residential community evolved into a showcase area with large lots, curving tree-lined streets, deep canals, and spectacular tropical vistas.

Over the decades, the Moorings has expanded to include more than 1,300 acres with nearly 4,000 homes and condominiums and has become one of the most popular neighborhoods in Naples along with Coquina Sands. The Moorings flow so seamlessly into Coquina Sands that locals usually mention them both in the same breath. This can be confusing to outsiders and new residents.

One way you can tell them apart is by the street names. When you explore the community you will soon start to notice that most of the street names in Coquina Sands are taken from local trees, plants, and seashells of Southwest Florida.

Boat docks are very common in the neighborhood and they are offered at many condominiums built on the bay. The residents of the community also qualify for membership in the Moorings Property Owners Association. Membership includes an exclusive parking spot at the beach, access to community events, a discount card for local restaurants and businesses, and the opportunity to host parties in the Chickee Hut at the beach. Whether you are an ocean lover, a golf enthusiast, or prefer natural beauty, the Moorings is a great place to call home.

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Things to do near The Moorings, Naples

Image: The Moorings Beach Private Park

​​​​​​​Shopping: One of the wonderful things about The Moorings is how close all the stores are. You can live in Moorings and go north or south for just a few miles to get what you need. The residents have to travel just a few minutes to find good food, clothing, electronics, furniture, or any other product they may need.

Pubs: Fancy a drink? There are plenty of lively pub scenes in The Mooring. The Moorings Portmagee, for example, offers a cultural experience alongside entertainment. You can find traditional Irish songs as well as those from Ireland's happening towns like Clare, Galway, and more. On Sunday evenings, there's an open Traditional Music Session for those who want to learn and play traditional music or just enjoy it. It's a great way to relax and feel at home.

Nature & Zoo: There are some nature-based activities that visitors and residents of the community enjoy. If you're into seeing animals or nature up close, then the nearby Naples Zoo and Naples Botanical Garden are perfect for you. The zoo is home to many different but very unique animals from all over the world. On the other side, the botanical gardens offer a calming and peaceful space. This garden is alive with an abundance of eye-catching flowers and lush greenery.

Restaurants near The Moorings, Naples

Image: Bellini Italian Restaurant and Bar, Naples

Finding your favorite restaurant won’t take you long in The Moorings, Naples. Here’s a shortlist of the best restaurants in The Moorings and its nearby neighborhoods like Coquina Sands. These restaurants have a diverse range of cuisine with a very unique twist and they go above and beyond in service and quality.

Dorona - A stylish, modern, Italian steakhouse. Beautiful lighting and a well-designed interior create an ambiance that makes a lasting impression that must be experienced.

LaMoraga - A contemporary dinner spot serving updated Spanish cuisine, house cocktails, draft beer & imported wines.

Harold's Place Chickee Bar And Grill - Poolside tavern with tropical decor & thatched roofs, featuring eclectic pub grub & karaoke.

Bellini Italian Restaurant and Bar - Bellini Italian Restaurant and Bar is considered to have the most authentic Italian food in Naples. The martinis are chilled perfectly, they boast a great wine list, and the service is outstanding.

Andre's Steak House - Andre’s Steakhouse was established in New York and brings to Naples this world famous taste. Winner of the Wine Spectator Award yearly since 2001, for having one of the most outstanding wine lists in Naples. 

Norman Loves Chocolate - Indulge yourself at the Naples Norman Love confection shop and coffee bar. The shop includes a selection of NLC handcrafted artisanal chocolates and pastries.

Swan River - Fresh northern & southern seafood fill their cases, and are offered on the daily menus. You can see the quality and variety that explains why Swan River has been voted the best seafood market & restaurant in Florida.

USS NemoDon't be fooled by the flashy signage. USS Nemo offers award-winning cuisine in a unique atmosphere. USS Nemo is voted a top restaurant in Naples, FL year after year.

Places to Stay Near The Moorings, Naples, FL

Image: Bellasera Resort, Naples

If you're planning for vacations or just a quick trip to The Moorings and are confused about where to stay, we've got you covered. There are many hotels in this neighborhood that are highly praised for their ambiance, outside views, and food. We have picked out some of the most popular hotels below:

The Inn on FifthThe Hotel EscalanteTrianon HotelBellasera ResortEdgewater Beach HotelCove Inn On Naples BayHyatt House NaplesNaples Bay Resort

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